Summer in America

Yoshi the Wonder Dog at the beach

It’s summertime in America, and that means:
 School’s out;
 Kids are home;
 Backyard BBQ’s;
 4th of July;
 Corn on the cob;
 And time to polish the toes!

All good reminders that it’s good to be alive (I apparently need to be reminded of this occasionally.) The scarier side of summer is that my day job is on shaky ground, and I am making less money than is required to keep up with the bills. I have decided to TRY to stress less about that minor detail and instead take advantage of having more time to be creative.
I have been thinking that it might be time to self publish, as traditional publishing is facing many of it’s own challenges these days, and I really like the sound of “Indie Author.” I am publicly announcing that goal to the universe and starting today I’m on my way…stay tuned for status updates.
I hope everyone has some fun creative projects lined up for this summer, even if its just painting your toenails!  Cheers!

photo by Danielle Keaton